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E21 owners and their cars

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Hartge H3 323irs
Owner: Hartge82H3
In registry since: Thursday, May 3rd 7:42pm.
Year: 1982
Location: So-Calif/NSan Diego

This is a True and Authentic E21 Hartge H3 323rs. After 20 years of ownership, I can say it's probably the only one like it in the United States. There are less than a handful of Hartge E21 H3 and H3s's left on the ENTIRE planet. These are VERY rare classics.

Modifications and tuning
True and original Hartge factory converted E21.

This E21 was factory-optioned with the following:
H3 head with a 304 cam
Hartge headers with upgraded *S/S exhaust system.
*Upgraded Hartge 5 series radiator
Hartge Oil Cooler.
**Braided S/S fuel lines.
H3 Transmission option:
GETRAG-Sportgetriebe 323i
1st= 3.717 2nd= 2.403 3rd= 1.776
4th= 1.263 5th= 1.00 R= 4.096
Rear Diff= 4.75
*Hartge tru 3 piece 11 spoke 16inch wheels
Hartge 4 piston front calipers with *S/S lines
Hartge front stress bar with rear stress bar.
Hartge rear deck spoiler.
*H3s leather front/rear seats
Hartge gear shift
Hartge mono wiper
Hartge centered radio ant
Hartge steering wheel
*Hartge Vin plate
Hartge gauge cluster
Hartge VDO dash gauges-oil temp-oil psi-Outside temp
*Hartge side decals and emblems.
Hartge front spoiler
The oversized trunk tool kit is complete with all original tools and the BMW grease rag. There is also an original FirstAid kit located in the trunk.
Has factory air, but I removed everything but the inside plumbing (I still have all the parts).

**The battery located in the trunk.

**E21 BMW/non-Hartge upgrades

I acquired this car in 1992 and it is something special. Over the years I have had to replace some items due to normal age related wear using OEM-Hartge parts.
The air intake is a modified airbox with a custom designed enclosure for the K&N cone air filter. To help vent engine heat, since the radiator fan has been removed, I installed an M3 style vent into the passenger side of the engine hood.

Many know of and have seen the E21 Alpina, Baur, ACSchnitzer, and even Zender, but few can say they've seen a Hartge in person.

It is not easy to come by valid published information on the Hartge E21, and because everything printed is old, this car is an ongoing lesson in German. It's a sad fact that I probably have more information about the H3 than Hartge.


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