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Want hosting for your E21 site?

We can offer two kinds of hosting for E21 enthusiasts.

File Hosting
This hosting service is automatically available to all members. It will allow you to upload images, files and webpages into your personal directory. New users get 5MB of storage, but this can be increased at request. Files are very easily uploaded using your browser, it's 100% hassle-free.
This hosting service is aimed for people who need a location online to place their E21 pictures and files, and who don't want to bother making a complete website. We strongly encourage all our members to use this feature for images or photos you want to post in our forums.
Please go to the Member Pages in order to set up your file directory and begin uploading files immediately!
You have to be registered to use this service, so if you haven't, please register now.

Full Site Hosting
This service is aimed at E21 enthusiasts who want to make a complete E21 site. Instead of putting your site on free hosts that show advertisement and banners, you can get free and quality hosting with us for your E21 site. We provide you with an FTP account to access your webspace, and we don't restrict anything in any way. We don't require banners, and you are free to use as much webspace as you need (within reason).
We are committed to provide free, quality hosting and professional assistance to our hosted sites.
Please contact us and submit your application. In order to use the Internal Messaging System, you will need to register and be logged in.

Hosting policy
  • We expect your files and webpages to be E21-related.
  • You should not use the webspace we provide for personal or non E21-related purposes.
  • You will not use the webspace for anything illegal or indecent (including but not limited to, illegal software and illicit or adult material).

    Hosted E21 Sites
  • Rahman's site about his 320/6. Lots of pictures of his car, including the frontal crash and the rebuild using another donor E21.
  • bmw_m_320i's site dedicated to tuning and M-powering the E21 chassis. Has interesting links, nice photos and a roadmap for tech upgrades on his car.

    Please note that we will host BMW E21 sites only, don't contact us for hosting about anything else.

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